•       自2006年成立以来,广州市汉意堂室内装饰有限公司以优质软装设计闻名软装业界,积极拓展业务至全国30多个城市,设计范围包括样板房、酒店、会所、别墅、商业空间软装设计、家具设计、装饰画设计、床品布艺设计、花艺设计,多年来备受推崇。汉意堂总部拥有将近3000平方米设计、研发基地,汇集了几十位国内外设计精英,组成强大的设计与实施团队,拥有出色的设计开发能力及市场整合能力,为国内多家大型地产商及五星酒店缔造了一个个经典软装工程案例。公司总部位于中国广州,在美国洛杉矶、兰州等地设有办事处,公司对团队的陈设设计素质要求极为严谨,所有设计由广州总部负责,分公司与旗下机构则肩负筹划、联络、协调等事务,确保为客户提供专业的、高水准的软装配套服务。


           Since it was founded in 2006, guangzhou han meaning hall interior decoration co., LTD is famous for its high quality soft outfit design soft outfit industry, actively expand business to more than 30 cities across the country, the design scope includes example room, hotels, clubs, villas, commercial space soft outfit design, furniture design, decoration design, bedding cloth art design, floral design, highly regarded for many years. Han headquarters has nearly 3000 square meters hall design, research and development base, bringing together dozens of domestic and foreign design elite, formed a powerful design and implementation team, with excellent design and development capability and market integration ability, for the domestic several big property developers and the five-star hotel to create a classic soft outfit engineering cases. Company headquarters is located in guangzhou, China, in Los Angeles, Beijing, xian, jinan, suzhou and other places with offices, the company to the team's display design quality requirement is very strict, is responsible for all design from guangzhou headquarters, branch and its institutions for planning, communication, coordination, ensure to provide clients with professional, high level of soft outfit supporting services.

             Companies pay attention to detail soft outfit work life philosophy and fashion the perfect combination of artistic value, from the beginning of design to the completion of the project and ascend to the height of philosophy, to quality life sense, in the artistic creation of thinking for rendering and reveal, expresses the strong artistic tension, create a striking visual effect.

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